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Personalised coaching to fast hike, run/walk or run your dream event

Have you picked an event and don't know how to start training?

Cath is an accredited Athletics Australia Level 2 Recreational Running Coach. She is passionate about training those who would not consider themselves traditional "athletes" and who are more interested in completion than competition. Her training plans are focused on the amount of training needed to complete the event, without the biggest mistake made by beginners - over training. 

Consider a training program with Cath if:

  • you have chosen a dream event and want a tailored program to complete it successfully and without injury; and/or

  • you would like to be able to complete the distance first, and then increase your speed; and/or

  • you are intimidated by traditional running groups

Training programs begin at A$20/week for a minimum 3 month commitment.

If you are interested in a coaching program, contact Cath today at

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