Multi Day Events in Spectacular Natural Locations

Events listed here are suitable for anyone who can maintain a 4km/hr (2.5miles/hr) pace. So why not give them a go?

**Please note that Find Your Adventure does not run these events. Please check the event terms and conditions on the event website to ensure it is suitable for you.**

Rice Fields


9-12 March 2020

  • The Ultra ASIA Race is a 160 km foot race in 4 stages, with 6000 meters of positive elevation, 7000 meters of negative elevation in Self-Supported format (carry own gear).

  • The Ultra ASIA Race takes place in the North West of Vietnam, in the region of Mai Châu, near the Laos border.

  • The event will take place in a very welcoming region with lush vegetation. The route takes you through many rice plantations in mountain landscapes, with some technical trails. You will discover, every day, the Muong minority, and their villages nestled in the hillsides or lost in the valleys.

  • During the event, the group will spend the nights in traditional houses on stilts, in authentic villages.


24 April - 3 May 2020

  • This is a 250km stage race in self- supported format (carry all your gear)

  • The event is in the Skeleton Coast National Park on the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Competitors will see a great diversity of scenery and terrain as they complete the 250 kilometer / 155 mile course. This includes running along the beach where the desert meets the Atlantic Ocean and through Seal colonies, through salt pans, past salt lakes which are home to flamingos, through the infamous dunes of the Namib desert, into dry riverbeds where a hint of water gives way to lush green vegetation, past deserted oil and diamond mines and across vast open red desert plains and hills.

Mountain Peaks


29 May - 6 June 2020

  • 200km in 6 stages

  • daypack only (gear carried from camp to camp)

  • Bhutan is the only country in the world that measures the progress of society in terms of “Gross National Happiness”.

  • Experience an amazing landscape, run through evergreen prime forest, pass amazing monasteries and immerse yourself in traditional Buddhist culture.

  • Start the race at the terrific situated Punakha Dzong, definitely the most beautiful dzong in Bhutan.

  • Run through rural villages and cross three 3500m passes.

  • Stay in farmhouses more than a century old, or in the small cells of the young monks in a monastery at 3500m.

  • Finish the race at the most spectacular and mystic monastery on earth, hanging in the cliffs at an altitude of 3000m with an outstanding view to the Paro valley, the Taktshang Goemba, also known as "The Tiger’s Nest".


19-28 June 2020

  • 250km stage race in self supported format (carry your own gear)

  • The Gobi March course is located in the Karakorum region in Central Mongolia.

  • The course takes you through vast green grasslands, stupas and temples, sand dunes, great rock valleys and old forests, while competitors will at times sleep in traditional Mongolian yurts.

  • The Long Stage will take you through wide Mongolian steppes as you make your way towards the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of the Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape and further to the ancient city of Karakorum, the former capital of Genghis Khan’s empire.

  • You can also experience the colourful culture of theNaadam Festival, held during the time of the race.

Wild Horses on the Prarie
Mountainous Landscape


21-30 August 2020

  • A 250km stage race in self supported format (carry all your gear)

  • The course runs in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains, the highest mountain range in Europe.

  • It will feature diversified terrain and stunning scenery including vast green plains, rugged hills, vineyards, rolling farmlands with colourful country side villages, medieval monasteries and ancient ruins, rivers and waterfalls. 


11-19 September 2020

  • 220km – over 6 days

  • this one is hilly + 8.000m / - 8.000m

  • carrying daypack only - bags transported camp to camp

  • Experience the most undiscovered Balkan country, which was just opened for visitors a few years ago.

  • Start the race in the World Heritage city of Berat and finish in the spectacular amphitheatre in the ancient Greek/Roman city and World Heritage Site of Butrint, which is beautifully located at the Ionian Sea.

  • Enter a challenging race off the beaten tracks with stunning scenery.

Stone Wall
Cracked Earth


21-27 September 2020

  • The Ultra BOLIVIA Race is a 220 km foot race in 7 stages with 2400 meters of ascent and in Self-Supported format (carrying own gear).

  • The start is at Salinas at 550 km South of La Paz. The first day, competitors will join the Salar de Coipasa.

  • During the second day, they will join the archaeological site of Alcaya. The crossing of this site will take you to 4100 meters of elevation in the heart of the wild Altiplano: arid landscape surrounded by volcanoes, some exceeding 6000 meters.

  • The third and fourth days you will discover authentic villages and nice views on the Volcano Tunupa(5400 meters).

  • The rest of the route will be on the Salar de Uyuni: the largest salt desert in the world (10 000 km2of salt at 3650 meters of elevation). 


25 September - 4 October 2020

  • A 250km self-supported event (carry your own gear)

  • a wide variety of terrain and includes approximately 1,683 meters (5,521 feet) of ascents and 2,508 meters (8,228 feet) of descents over the 7-day race. 

  • Competitors will go through magnificent salt flats stretching as far as the eye can see, run down huge sand dunes which will literally take your breath away, go through canyons where you can touch the walls on both sides and sleep under glittering night skies in the driest place on earth.

  • The course is varied. You will tackle sand-dunes, river crossings, gravel, loose rocks, hard packed earth and even waist high grass. This is in addition to the infamous salt flats that will challenge even the most dexterous of runners to cross at full-speed.

Death Valley
Mountain Landscape


November 2020


  • 6 STAGES 

  • 50KM total / WALK OR RUN 

  • or 90KM total / RUN ONLY

  • A discovery of the Amerindian culture in the splendour of the landscapes of the Cordillera of the Andes

  • snowy summits, arid and colourful mountains, plains full of cactus, deserts of red soils and fertile valleys with luxuriant vegetation.


8-12 November 2020

  • The Ultra AFRICA Race is a 220 km foot race in 5 stages, with 3600 meters of positive elevation in Self-Supported format (carry your gear). 

  • The route will take you from the shores of Lake Nhambavale to Jangamo Beach.

  • You will discover coconut forests, lakes and numerous villages nestled in the dunes at the doors of the ocean. The itinerary will give you also the opportunity to discover Mozambique’s long white sandy beaches.

Sand & Sky


15-22 November 2021

  • 203km on foot over 4.5 days

  • Terrain includes mountain, dry river, canyon and the World’s largest sand dunes in the Namib Naukluft National Park

  • Fully catered including all meals, pit stops plus hot and cold beverage provision en route

  • Overnight bag transfers from camp to camp

***Find Your Adventure Founder Cath Wallis completed the 2019 event. See Blog for an event review***


21 November - 1 December 2020

  • To enter, competitors must have already completed 2 of the 3 other Racing the Planet events (Gobi March, Atacama Crossing and Namib Race)

  • the event is a cruise that departs from Ushuaia, Argentina and stops at multiple locations in Antarctica where competitors complete as far a distance as possible

Couple of Penguins


 Late Nov - early Dec 2020

  • 220kms over 6 days

  • daypack only (bag is transported from camp to camp)

  • Run through temple ruins built more than 1000 years ago and finish the race in front of the world heritage site of Angkor Wat


February 2021

  • Run or walk through beautiful natural areas northwest of Nairobi


  • 5 STAGES over 7 DAYS

  • 50KM in total / WALK OR RUN

  • or 100KM in total / RUN ONLY

*** Join Find Your Adventure Founder Cath Wallis and her 12yr old daughter at the 2020 event ***

Connection is special._._One of my absol


28 Feb - 7 March 2021

  • Traverse up to 100 miles from north to south across the entire length of frozen Lake Khovsgol

  • ‘By Any Means’ – choose to run, walk, skate or bike it

  • Experience a true wilderness, ancient boreal forests, traditional ger camps and temperatures of down to -40 degrees celsius

  • Finish amongst the ice sculptures of the renowned Khovsgol Ice Festival

***Find Your Adventure Founder Cath Wallis (pictured) completed this event in 2019 - see blog for event review***


20-30 March 2021

  • 200km one-way journey across the Americas from coast to coast

  • 160km on foot followed by 40km in pack-rafts, over 7 days

  • Terrain includes farm tracks, mountain tails, jungle trails, primary jungle with no recognized trails, river with light rapids (grade 1 and 2)

  • Traverses the entirety of central America from the Pacific to the Atlantic

  • Extraction from the Caribbean coast, back to civilisation by fast boat

  • Chill and party after the adventure on the Panamanian Caribbean party island of Bocas Del Toro


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